Running your own business is a daunting task. Growing that business — even more so. You can have great ideas and the best of intentions, but it’s still a colossal challenge to find the time and support you need to scale your business up. Custom homebuilders face those challenges and more. You have to juggle variables like cash flow, talent management, and architectural planning along with your desire to maintain your identity as a leading local builder.

Getting to the next level

The best builders surround themselves with the best team to be successful. It works when you’re building one house, and it works when you want to build your business. That’s why so many custom homebuilders turn to the expert in the industry: Arthur Rutenberg Homes.

ARH is America’s largest luxury home franchise. Since 1978, the company has helped dozens of homebuilders realize amazing growth while allowing them to maintain their independence and control of craftsmanship. Becoming a franchisee, however, is not something you enter into lightly. And while educating builders with brochures, blogs, and online videos can be helpful, we offer something much more involving. It’s called a Discovery Day.

Held at our corporate office in Clearwater, Florida, Discovery Day is a comprehensive, in-person immersion into the world of ARH. “It’s a great way to learn the nuts and bolts of the company,” says AJ Lall of Joss Construction in Columbus, Ohio. AJ became an ARH franchisee in 2017 after attending a Discovery Day with a prospective business partner.

Photo Credit: Building Insider. AJ Lall (left), Ankur Gupta (right).

Getting to know each other

The day includes presentations from key personnel of ARH. They explain in great detail how the services they provide drive the success of our franchisees. Attendees learn about our proprietary software, vendor purchasing programs, in-house custom design process, training, and collaborative marketing efforts.

“Experiencing the Discovery Day was extremely beneficial for me,” says AJ. “It was there that I realized I would be a part of something more than a franchise system – a family of builders and support personnel who truly care about one another and the ultimate success of the local building companies.”

Trust isn’t earned in one day. But a Discovery Day goes a long way to building a foundation for it, helping independent builders determine if an ARH franchise is right for them. If you’re interested in finding out more about Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we invite you to take advantage of this unique learning opportunity where you can spend time with our top leadership, including Frank Pizzica, CEO, Jim Rosewater, COO, and Chairman Barry Rutenberg.

Says AJ, “Everything became clear during that presentation and I realized it was, without a doubt, the best path forward for my business.”

How to schedule a Discovery Day:
Contact Andy DiMarzio 404.862.6030 cell