AR Homes franchisees win Top Awards for Homebuyer Ratings

Custom home builders are constantly judged on the quality of their craft. But there’s one opinion that matters more than all the carpenters, masons, roofers, and subcontractors: the customer.

That’s why Arthur Rutenberg Homes is proud to announce that SandStar Homes, an AR Homes franchisee based in Punta Gorda, Florida, is the 2018 Avid Cup winner for Highest Homebuyer Ratings.

Avid is the premier survey company in the homebuilding industry with over 2,000 participating builders. The Avid Awards represent a trusted benchmark of customer service, providing transparency into builder performance. That transparency is something many homebuilding companies shy away from. At AR Homes, we say “bring it on.”

The 2018 Avid Cup Winner

After a rigorous, formal survey process, the best builders rise to the top. That’s why it’s such an honor that SandStar was recognized as the single builder with the highest customer ratings across all surveys throughout North America, taken from contract signing through one year of home ownership. It’s a testament not only to the exceptional craftsmanship of the SandStar building team, but to the AR Homes franchisee system as well.

“We believe each and every customer should not only have the best value in quality and features in their home, but that the experience of building their home should be one that they would enjoy doing again,” said Ed Brown, Corporate VP of Construction and Purchasing of AR Homes.

In addition to bringing home the top prize, 10 other AR Homes franchisees were honored with the Avid Benchmark Award, more than any other builder country.

For consumers, by consumers

Recognition like this is increasingly relevant in our era of online reviews and social media. Because the Avid Awards are consumer-driven rather than an industry-insider award, they carry a lot more weight. And with a purchase decision as big as a house, buyers will definitely be doing their online research.

While many home builders are capable of delivering a well-built custom home, AR Homes franchisees benefit from a proven system that makes the homebuying and building process predictable and enjoyable for the customer. From our network of model homes to our proprietary enterprise software, our franchisees are set up for repeat success.

“Providing an exceptional building experience is something we do not take lightly,” says Brown.

Since 1992, Avid Ratings has worked to bring transparency in builder performance to consumers by consumers. This year, qualifying builders across North America ranging from large, publicly traded companies and private builders, to hundreds of small volume custom builders, were included. Says Paul Cardis, Chief Executive Officer of Avid Ratings, “Our goal is to provide homeowners with the security that their builder will not only meet, but exceed, their home buying expectations. The Avid Awards recognize those builders that deliver on that mark.”

Only one homebuilder can take the top prize. But you’ll see many other Avid Award winners with the name Arthur Rutenberg Homes. As a whole, our franchisees consistently score exceptionally well compared to larger national companies with extensive resources. And as happy as we are for our franchisees, we’re even happier for their customers.